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Our fall emphasis for 2015 is #chooseJOYmoore. This catchy phrase serves as a reminder for what God is doing in our lives—and it has an especially neat double meaning for us! In the midst of all that we have going on, each of us has the opportunity and choice to find the JOY in our experiences and to make our attitude one of JOY. As members of the body of Christ at Joy Lutheran Church, we also have the opportunity and choice to make the ministries of JOY a priority for ourselves and our families.

We hope you will share with us to #chooseJOYmoore by taking pictures of ways you experience joy in your day and through the people you encounter. Share them on your Facebook page or Instagram and use our hashtag, or post them to our pages. Email them to a member of the staff and we can share them from our Joy Social Media Pages. Bring in printed pictures or write cards to go on our wall in the Gathering Area.

Over the next few weeks, God’s Word will teach us ways of choosing the JOY of gratitude, prayer, being set free and being bright. We will also be handing out items to help you remember each and every day to #chooseJOYmoore. Look for green bracelets, new car stickers and God Sighting cards. New JOY Tshirts are available for $5 each.

August 23, 2015—The Joy of Gratitude
Luke 17:11-19
The joy of being thankful and grateful changed the life of the Samaritan who came back to thank Jesus.  There is great joy in choosing each day to be thankful to God for all gifts, abilities, strengths, and relationships.

August 30, 2015—The Joy of Being in Touch
Matthew 6:7-13
Prayer is life-giving and sustaining for God’s people.  Being in touch with God centers our lives and helps us keep God first in our order of priorities.  There is great joy in choosing each day to be in communication with God.

September 6, 2015—The Joy of Being Set Free
Luke 6:37-42
Jesus sets us free to live, love, and be in community by not judging others.  The cross is God’s fullness of grace that makes us alive and sets us free to be concerned about loving rather than judging.  There is great joy in choosing not to judge others and how they live their lives. 

September 13, 2015—The Joy of Being Bright
Matthew 5:14-16
We are made to shine!  There is great joy in living each day as a person who shines the light of Jesus in the lives of others rather than hiding out and missing precious opportunities to sparkle.