Abide In Me

Please take a few moments to connect to the Vine by offering your abilities, service, leadership, and time to make a difference in the life of our congregation and community by clicking the link below.  Fill out this inventory and let us know about your interests and how you can serve!

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 Jesus used the image of a vine and branches with his followers to describe “disciple” life.  The disciple life is an all-encompassing life that connects followers of Jesus to his love and calls his followers to bear good fruit.  As disciples of Jesus we “abide” in our life with him as stewards of the kingdom.

Our stewardship theme for 2015 is “I am the Vine, Your are the Branches” based on this disciple life and Jesus’ words from The Gospel of John (Chapter 15).  We will hear how God nourishes us, grounds us, roots us and prunes us as we share our gifts in community.  Together we will explore how our call to disciple life and abiding in Jesus empowers us as stewards through the giving of our treasures, time, energy, and talents.

Our stewardship emphasis begins on Sunday, April 17th for three weeks as we seek to follow the disciple life of abiding with Jesus, bearing fruit and loving one another.  We will share in celebration on Sunday, May 3rd, when we will share our faith promises as stewards of God’s kingdom.  There will be a congregational potluck lunch at noon on May 3rd at our pavilion.